Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh No Pammie !

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Remember when I was all butt hurt over Brad Pitt saying he was done with Hollywood because he's old? Well. It sucks to be a woman. Because I think Pamela Anderson is younger than Brad and it's about that time for her to hang up her ... celebrity? Here's Pam during her last magic show in Las Vegas over the weekend.

I was just in Vegas. And I saw her face everywhere but might've been too dumb or too drunk to understand what it meant. Had I known Pammie was there assisting a magician ... I would've so gone to see her over Dane Cook.

*Errupts in Laughter*
OmGah. I know. I know. I'm hilarious. But no. It's about that time. You can only be naked with ur huge boobs for so long. Does Silicone sag? No huh. Well. Unless she's got some die hard fans, that succumb to her sagging skin but perky breasts, it's time to return to the beach and uh ... not wear uggs and eat graham crackers off of tea plates.

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