Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Boobies & The New Boy

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Lindsay Lohan and new love slave Calum Best spent time at the beach in The Bahamas this past weekend. They attended the Janet Jackson concert and Partied at Atlantis' Aura nightclub where they indulged in Jack and Coke, Cigarette's and Weed. They played in the Ocean, made out and Calum double checked to make sure it was all caught on film with a sneak a peek.

Cover your eyes and shield the kids. There is yet another attempt by Lindsay Lohan to be nude on camera. I know when I'm at the beach, the only thing I'm concentrating on is making sure to touch the bottom and push off full force in the hopes of my top coming down and a camera being there. It never seems to work out. I mean my boobs come out of course, but there never seem to be cameras. Unless you count Rupert, but he's a 84 year old ex coke addict and alcoholic.


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Anonymous said...

That is so creepy that he is starring at the cameras.