Sunday, May 27, 2007

Where has the common sense gone?

Due to Lindsay Lohan's recent DUI charges and what nots, Svedka Vodka has pulled out of sponsering Lindsay's upcoming Las Vegas 21st Birthday Bash.

However, I took a vacation to their website and uh ... I think Lindsay would be the PERFECT sponser for what they're trying to do with this little robot woman.

Click on the link to view the Svedka website.

It's quite classy.
I mean, they even make you enter your birthdate before entering the website because you cannot enter if you're under the age of 21. Giggles. I'm really seven but know if I type in 1984 I can pretend to be 23 because i'm THAT fascinated in looking at the website that dropped Lindsay Lohan.

The intro starts off as follows:

You are now being transported to the future of adult entertainment.

The year is 2033.
It's a lot like today, except better.
Life is fun, fast and outrageous.

Celebrity Worship is the fastest growing religion.
The president is a woman and her name is apple.
Svedka is the number one Vodka.
The future starts now.
Join Svedka_Girl and fellow Svedka lovers around the planet.

It's time to party like it's 2033.

Meet Svedka_Girl.
An Avid Party Go-er.

Jump in at anytime and let me know how Lindsay Lohan could possibly ruin this image. In the year 2033 Celebrity Worship will be a Religion, Gwenyth Paltrow's Daughter will be The President and the Fembot with all the right circut moves will be the worlds best Vodka. See, it's one huge game. Ohhh they're trying to be all snazzy and fun about it. Lindsay Lohan has snazzy and fun written all over her Vagina. Why drop her.

Oh well.
It's not like Lindsay won't party her ASS off when her 21st Birthday comes. It just won't be sponsored by Svedka Vodka because the "Avid Party Go-Er and Adult Entertainment of the future" got scared of what America would say. Waa. Boo Hoo. We have to recoil OUR descision because SOME Americans don't like it. FUCK THEM. You drink Vodka when you party. Why would you NOT want to sponser the party girl of the century. Hellooooo. Let's get someone who isn't a scared little bitch to run this company.

Press people. Press. You sponser a Lohan shindig where everyone can see JUST HOW fucked up she can get, you're gonna have buyers. People want the BEST and QUICKEST way to get FUCKED up so they can make poor decisions and have nasty sweaty deviant sex. Duh.

My dearest common sense, why have you left us.

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