Friday, June 15, 2007

Britney Spears drives Inappropriately

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I started this Hollywood Blog to kinda give people what they were looking for. CELEBRITY GOSSIP. I wasn't writing to be RUDE. I just wanted to write "Celebrity News" with a twist so it wasn't boring to read "so and so went and bought a ring." However, I may be the only one. I came across the following post on D Listed.

Dear Brit Brit,

I think you are the only one left on this planet that wants you to have another wardrobe malfunction. We've seen your tits and twat. There's nothing more to show dear besides maybe some dignity. Driving down the street with your straps down will cause a 5-car pile up and not because you're hot. You are putting lives in danger and that's selfish. Please get your tanning done at Sunet Tan and not on Sunset Blvd. Also, your tits texted me earlier and they are begging for support.

xoxoxoMichael K

PS - Even if you put nonfat milk in your frap, it's still like 1500 calories. Drink with care.

FIRST of all. If Britney wants to tan with her straps under her pits while blasting The Little Mermaid Fathoms Below, she can FUCKING do that. See. PERFECT example why I LOVE BRITNEY SPEARS. She doesn't give a fuck.

A. She does what she does because she knows the DUMBFUCKS like people who write messages like the one above or people like me who praise her every move are going to talk about it.

B. She's country ya'll and I'm sure there's some back street in Kentwood that she went tanning on nude. So be thankful she's at least put a hat and dress on.

C. She's actually sick of the attention and is purposely doing things so inappropriate like removing her straps so that people will say, Jeez. Let's stop talking about her.

C might be pushin it but get over it.

There are people driving around the country with bra's on and a thong. No one's sayin shit to them. If Britney Spears is so revolting and u don't imagine chokin the dick, I'm sure you know how to make your neck muscles work and look the other way.

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