Tuesday, July 31, 2007


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You heard it here last folks ! BRITNEY AND KEVIN WILL BE OFFICIALLY DIVORCED BY THE END OF THE DAY! Ya know how when you're going through a break up and the inside of your apartment and twinkies boxes are the only thing you see. But when you take out the trash and see another hot delicious boner, you get over it. THAT'S what I'm hoping is going to happen with my DEAREST Britney.

She didn't lose her mind until Kevin and [Yes. I'm Blaming Kevin] I so hope that now that the cusody has been set to 50/50 ... and the divorce will be final ... Brit will soon look Slave For You sexy, everyone will SHUT THE FUCK UP and then I can regain my sanity and stop plotting against you and turn to Kevin and the Judge.

WHAT KIND OF BASTARD GIVES AND GETS $15,000 A MONTH for Child Support and $20,000 A MONTH for Spousal support. WHAT IS THAT !!

What Babies"R"Us are YOU shopping at Federline that it takes 15 grand to take care of two babies. Ugh !! Kevin Fucking Federline better PRAY I never make it out there to the city of Angels. Because this angel will become his personal Mustard Stalker. & by personal mustard stalker ... I mean everything he buys with Brit's money will soon have a mixture of mustard and acid on it. FUCKER !!

Put this douche behind you Brit and start fresh. I'm givin you until 2078 to make a comeback darlin. I'll be waiting.

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Anonymous said...

He gets spousal support because Brit Brit wasn't smart enough to sign the prenup..