Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Perfection Really Does Exist.

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Jessica Alba.
Ohhhh where do I start.

How I admire thee.

- You don't smoke those nasty Ciggys.
- You wouldn't dare have any white powder on ur nostrils.
- You don't discuss sex in public because nobody has it.
- You got Paris Hilton fired from ur "Talent" Agency because it was making you look bad.
- You have an amazing body with absolutely no meat or shape
- You like to smile and wave.
- You're the greatest actress to grace planet earth since Keira Knightley and Hayden Christensen combined
- You dumped your boyfriend because he wasn't ready to get married.

What. He wouldn't marry her. That Prick. Doesn't he realize he just lost Jessica Fucking Alba. Bitchy Cunt doesn't get any better than her. He fucked up.

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