Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm just a magician making my rounds.

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THAT is what Criss Angel looks like? Then who the fuck is David Blaine? I'm all kinds of wrong. I thought David was Criss and Criss was Britney's drunken uncle coming to pick her up from the bad party.

Seriously though. He's scored Paris Hilton [which doesn't count because it's Paris Hilton], Cameron Diaz and now Britney. Hmm. Maybe he puts spells on them. Because that's what magicians do right? Magic. Abra Kadabra make the pussy come. [Uhp! No pun intended. Giggles.]

Britney Spears and Criss Angel were spotted heading to the 11th floor of The Towers in Beverly Hills this week. Sources say she sent her bodyguard to the local 7-11 to grab a box of condoms and that's where the story ends.

There's nothing else to be said because it's perfectly normal to get a babysitter ... head to the club and leave in the company of someone with a penis who you did not arrive with. Sex usually happens but without a condom so uhm ... A PLUS to Ms. Spears for wrappin his trap.

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