Sunday, August 12, 2007

Joel Madden is a nice Boyfriend.

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I'm so pleased to announce that Joel Madden is the epitome of a perfect boyfriend. He's claiming babies, showing up for support to interviews and now accompanying his sweetie to court.

NICOLE RICHIE WAS SENTENCED TO FOUR DAYS IN JAIL, 21 DAYS OF AN ALCOHOL EDUCATION COURSE, $2098.00 FINE AND THREE YEARS PROBATION when she pleaded guilty for driving under the influence of drugs. Four days? So wait. You drink and drive on a suspended license and get 45, 23 or however many days Paris got ... but you smoke a lil hell yeah and pop some i feel good's ... drive down the wrong side of the freeway and only get four days? NICE! Because I'd be fucked up pot and percocet style WAY before tequila and i've seemed to have misplaced my panties style. So this sits well with me.

I'm sure it also sits well with Ms. Richie seeing as she's "turned herself around" and is now going to be a mom, has a wonderful boyfriend, money & she's still skinny. So everything seems pretty sick from where I'm sitting. 21 days of alcohol education though? What the fuck do you need to learn? You drink this, you get drunk. Drink this, you'll get drunk faster and if you drink this just come naked. Boo. Let's just hope their How to stop drinking manual is big enough to camouflage an US Weekly.

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lisa said...

That's my joely moley! You know, I used to be in love with joel..well actually I was more in love with benji, but joel will always hold a special place in my heart.<3 And it's so weird to think that he's gonna be a daddy!! But rest asured, he's going to be the best dad ever.

He is the best thing to ever happen nicole!