Sunday, August 12, 2007

Whatever helps you Masturbate.

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So as soon as I'm about to call E! all types of names for cancelling my sunday night therapy, they come out with the greatest news ever! They had originally decided to replace The Simple Life with a show I'd like to name Seriously. Do we care starring Kim Stewart and Kelly Osbourne.

Psh! I know. When my sources revealed this information to me, I rolled my eyes and spun around in my chair while taking a shot of Jack. Kim Stewart is the daughter or Rod Stewart and Kelly Osbourne is the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne. Yeah. I'm sure once the producers let it sink in they came up with the conclusion that, Anybody watching E! at 10pm on a Sunday is not interested in the pale daughters of two rockers. Figure out something else.

That's when O.J Simpson walked in the room and said, Ya know the man who helped defend me has a pretty smokin daughter with bean bags for ass cheeks. That's when he tossed them a copy of her sex tape and now here I am telling you about it. So Kim Kardashian has replaced Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie because, the paparazzi doesn't follow her around enough. Two skips and a jump for E!

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