Friday, October 19, 2007

Britney Spears Runs People Over

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and do u know what my insides are saying? Why didn't she break his leg ... OFF !? Fuck those paparazzi. I mean ... I really should love them considering they stalk my girl so I won't have to ... but .. really. They're allowed in stores and restaurants now? Did the law change? Are they not supposed to stay off of private property? Or does Brit now go to places like Target and Rite Aid because ... it's a free country and they're allowed in?

Either way. Britney was exiting a medical facility yesterday when a dumbass stepped in the way of her tires. Hey Human. You're flesh and bone. I'm running a MACHINE. Back the FUCK up. Oooh. Someone make it a shirt. But seriously. I have no sympathy for anyone who gets in the way of Britney Spears. I SAID IT. The motherfucking Queen is coming through. Step back or get run over.

& I used this picture because she's absolutely fabulous. There's a sign that says "Get It Naked" [which makes this an awesome picture on it's own] in the back and she's ordering like she's really interested in feeding her stomach. But ... she ordered a pancake chocolate chip lookin thing at a mexican resturant ... so I'm probably lying. But whatever it was ... it looked moist and delicious. Why haven't I had my churros yet?

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