Wednesday, November 7, 2007

aww my precious little joey

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Katie !!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN !? i've been in such distress. dawson's creek was my show. okay. you don't understand. i remember waiting for months with all those ads for it. i was like who and what's a dawson and a creek but i don't care there's men i have to see it. and then it came on and my mother told me she didn't want me watching it. too inappropriate for my age. i was piiiiiissed. but she gave in because inappropriate is exactly what the fuck i am. i fell in love with joey because she was me. i used to sneak into bedroom windows all the time in middle school. and they were all men. because, i wouldn't need to sneak if i was visiting a giiiiiirl. but enough of that because you're going to try and say that joey and dawson don't exist. and that you were just as pissed off about her winding up with pacey as i was. ughpots.

katie holmes looks absolutely delicious as she attends the primere for hubby tom cruise's new movie. the most recent picture of the holmes was her in that purple i think some would call it a shirt, that hat and her i don't have a booty pants. but it's always nice to know that people can clean up should it be requested. unless you're me. because if i were to clean up my 23 year im a boy act, oooo. you wouldn't know what to do with yourself.

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