Friday, November 30, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Is Drinking Again

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and why the fuck shouldn't she. are we seeing the same picture here? SHE IS SO SEXY. and u know what i say about sexy people. they need to be drunk at all times. because drunk sexy people equals drunk sex which equals good times. DUH !!

“She has been drinking a little bit,” a pal tells us. “Over her week in New York, she did have a few drinks.”

But the source says Lindsay’s alcohol intake was in moderation.

“For Lindsay, her real problem was drugs, not alcohol. In the past, it wasn’t the drinking that was the problem - it was the heavy drug use,” says the friend. “The drug use was way more intense than her party drinking. As long as she isn’t doing drugs, she’s okay.”

Tuesday, Lindsay’s spokeswoman assured us the actress was not consuming alcohol. “These so-called friends are making up things about her,” she said.

oh ruin all the fun person who had to tell the tabloids lindsay perferred DRUGS over BOOZE. But whatever. Drugs, Booze, Sex, Sexy Face. 3 out of 4 aint bad.

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