Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Four Greatest Men Alive. Maybe 3½

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Jason Schwartzman, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill all attended the GQ Men Of The Year party Wednesday night. And I'm sure you know who the half is. The only man in the group who I would not sleep with. and we know it's NOT Paul Rudd. That ... That ... I'm going to rape him. Do u hear me Paul Rudd. Josh from Clueless. If you ever exist in my personal space, you will be raped.

"I don't think the movie's sexist, I think there are characters in the movie who are sexist. Apparently Vanity Fair needs to sell some magazines. They've got to turn up the controversy. I'm sure when they get you talking for hours and hours, a couple lines taken out of context seem more interesting than they really are."

Katherine Heigl is a bitch. I was trying to find her quote so I could write about it by found Judd Apatow's rebutle first. You cannot go up against these men Katherine. Have u not seen the last 3 movies they were in. 40 Year Old Virgin ... Superbad ... Knocked Up ... C'mon. We understand their humor. You being a female. And them being nerds from the basement. They're used to not having to please you.

"We won A Women's Image Network Award; I picked it up myself. I don't really talk to Katie."

Oh Seth. You make my vagina smile.

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