Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tara Reid Knows What's Up

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now this is what the fuck i'm talking about. when i say i'm going shopping, I'm GOING shopping. i'm not satisfied unless i'm pissed that i'm holding so many sacks.

tara reid went shopping at ed hardy and probably had to ignore the chuckles from the sidelines. sources say that tara was only paid $3500 to host The Hookers Ball.

"She had to drop her inflated price to a bargain-basement fee of about $3,500 when nobody would bite, Sydney Confidential reports. The surgically-enhanced sexpot was most recently seen cavorting for cash at the taste-challenged gala called the Hookers Ball in Darwin."

yeah. let's all laugh. because the last time i checked i was waking up at 8am to work 8 hours a day NOT to make $3500 in two weeks. so fuck your laughter. i'll take $3500 to get naked with gay men ANYday. rock on tara.

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